Курс «American Culture»

Course Objectives

The course is an introduction to the United States of America and its people. It provides an integrative view of American society, history, economics, media and culture. With a Russian student in mind, it challenges established ideas of what America is, indicates current trends and attempts to place in context the often fragmented information about the U.S. found in many textbooks and conveyed through the media. Discussions and student presentations will complement lectures and will stimulate comparative, intercultural perspectives. 

Course Requirements


Eckhard Fiedler et al., America in Close-Up, Longman

Course Outline

Week 1

Introduction to American Culture
American regions

Week 2

American Values

Week 3

Test 1: Lectures 1-2

Week 4

The US Economy and Social Structure

Week 5

The US Political System

Week 6

The US Legal System

Week 7

Religion in the USA

Week 8

Test 2: Lectures 3-6

Week 9


Week 10

American People

Week 11

Private Life in the USA

Week 12

Test 3
: Lectures 6-9

Week 13

Media: Newspapers and Television

Week 14

Architecture and Arts in the USA

Music and Hollywood

Week 15

Final Test