Курс «American History»

Course Objectives 

The course explores the development of the United States from its origins as a land inhabited by scattered Indian tribes to the culturally diverse but united country of nowadays.
The course concentrates on major names and events, examines social processes of the time and acquaints the students with both historical documents of the time and various interpretations of historical events.

Course Requirements

Required textbook

Bryn O'Callaghan, An Illustrated History of the USA, Longman 1995

Course Outline

Week 1

Introduction to the course: Brief outline of major events

America before Columbus

Week 2

European discovery and exploration of America

Week 3

Foundation of British colonies in North America

Week 4

Colonial way of life in the 18th century 

Test 1: Lectures 1-4

Week 5

The Great American Revolution

Week 6

The Constitution

Test 2: Lectures 5-6

Week 7

The Westward Expansion: Major treaties and events

Week 8

Various interpretations of American Westward Expansion

Test 3: Lectures 7-8

Week 9

North and South before the Civil War

Week 10

The Civil War

Week 11

The Reconstruction

Week 12

America after the Civil War: Major changes (brief outline)